Friday, 23 September 2011

Blast from the Past

 Last September 4, 2011, Lyceum of the Philippines University held an educational trip in Bataan for all the students taking history.It's a one day trip filled with laughter, road sickness, food,and of course,knowing the past. 

First of all, traveling to Manila in Quezon City at dawn is hard, so I thought, "Why not rent a room for a night?". So Jenny, my friend, and I decided to rent one, and obviously, we didn't get to sleep that much. Honestly speaking, the room is too small for both of us, we had roaches for company, we can hear neighbors singing in karaoke bars and basically we had so much to talk about. That night, we talked about the project of ours, ate balot and penoy( 'exotic' food in Philippines), made some crazy commercial about biscuits, and share some anime that we like and dislike. The thing that I will remember the most is the moment where I can't concentrate because of this certain cockroach.  I really wanted that roach to die that we even made a strategy just to kill it. She's the tracker and I'm the killer. Basically, she's the one who's telling me where it is, and I'm the one who's going to kill it with my slipper.