Saturday, 20 August 2011

First Time Blogger

                                 First of all, I'm going to introduce myself for all of you  future readers...

            I'm Giona Reyes from Philippines. I'm studying Multimedia Arts in Lyceum of the Philippines University. Honestly, I really can't express or share my thoughts properly so I didn't dare to create a blog like this one, but, due to some circumstances, creating a blog is necessary. Back to the topic, I'm the 2nd daughter in my family. A classical novel reader, a 'wanna be' artist, an anime/manga otaku, and a self-confessed YAOI fangirl. Even my sisters find me weird for being an otaku.

            Actually, I'm a really shy person. I really can't express or share my thought properly. I don't really talk to others unless they're the one who'll talk to me first. I have this mentally way back then that is why others have this negative impression to me. As I have stated earlier, I find it hard to express myself to others, and that made me an introvert when I was a freshmen in high school. I don't really have someone to talk to (a dramatic past TTATT) but, as I walk further in my high school life, I tried to be more sociable to others, which fortunately, had a great result. I began to have friends. I met someone who has the same interest, specifically an otaku, as me, and I even became an icon in our class. Oh not the model student or popular icon. I am known for being the "national buraot" of the class( I don't really know how to explain this word. I'll just ask my friends to translate it in English so that you can underdtand). And now, I'm having the greatest time of my life in college. It's not that I have forgotten my sweet high school life, it's just that, college is a new life. It's a new path that I must take, and a new journey that I know I'll treasure.

* Enough of the introduction.. I'll end this post by telling you all future readers, or maybe, followers, "Thank You!" I hope this blog can trigger your interest even as little bit. Even though this blog is only for a subject matter , I think I'm going to enjoy this.. Thanks! Have a great life... (=3=)

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