Saturday, 20 August 2011

Stress Reliever

I want to share with you all the ways that I do to get the my stress away... Hope it can also help you.....

* EAT - I confess, I'm a glutton. I love to eat foods that I like, specially, chocolates. Whenever I eat chocolates, I usually forgot the things that makes me depress. Try it out with your comfort food. But remember, too much is dangerous.

* READ - I also like to read. I'm a bookworm soI never get tired of reading especially romance or tragic novels. The first novel that I've finished is "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. I've got so addicted to this novel that I've even watched the movie.

 * DRAW - As I have stated in my previous blog, I'm   a wanna-be artist. So whenever I'm stressed, I draw some anime.  I started to draw anime when I was in grade school. At first, I used to watch my sister draw the anime "SailorMoon" and I got fascinated by it. So I tried to copy her until I can make my own original characters even until now. That's why I took Multimedia Arts. I want to be an animator and have a fulfilling life. (this pic is drawn by me.. a fanart of Full Moon wo Sagashite)

 * WATCH - Currently, I'm watching the Sci-Fi, Drama, maybe even Shounen Ai anime No.6. If you are a hater of closet anime then don't watch it.To those who don't, it's really interesting and I totally recommend it. Also, as a stress reliever, I also watch funny videos from The one that really got me hooked is the collection of videos of NigaHiga.


  You can watch videos of NigaHiga on NigaHiga's Channel

 * SLEEP - Of course, you also need to rest. So that new born cells can replace your dead ones. You can also call it "Beauty Rest". I sleep at least 6 hours at night and maybe 3 hours during siesta time...xD

>>Now that I've shared my stress relievers, you readers can also have your own list. It may help others to relieve their stress.

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